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Committee Appointed to Repair to South-Carolina


Friday, March 1, 1776.

The Council met according to adjournment.

Whitmill Hill, Esquire, one of the Members of Council, appeared and look his seat in Council.

The Continental Congress having recommended that the President of the Provincial Council of North-Carolina and Georgia be requested to procure Committees of their several bodies to repair immediately to Charlestown, and there to confer with a Committee of the Council of Safety of South- Carolina, upon weighty important matters relative to the defence and security of these Colonies:

The Council taking the same into consideration,

Resolved, That Abner Nash and John Kinchen, Esqs˙, be appointed on the part of this Province, and that they repair to Charlestown, South-Carolina, as soon as may be convenient to them.

Resolved, That Robert Atchison, Midshipman, and Richard Dunniver, lately belonging to the Syren man-of-war, now prisoners here on parole, be sent to Halifax Town, and delivered into the care of the Committee of that town.

Ordered, That Colonel John Bryan attend to the execution of this order, and direct an officer with four men to execute the same.

Whereas, the Province of South-Carolina hath, on application, and at the request of this Board, supplied this Province with one thousand weight of Gunpowder for the defence thereof; in order to pay for the same:

Resolved, That the Treasurers, or either of them, be empowered and directed to draw a bill on the Continental Treasury for the sum of eleven hundred and fifty-eight Dollars and one quarter of a Dollar, payable to the order of the Council of Safety of South- Carolina for the time being, and that the said Treasurers be further directed to remit the said bill to the Treasury in Philadelphia, subject to the order of the said Council of Safety, or Provincial Congress of South-Carolina, for one thousand weight of


Gunpowder, for the use of the Continental Troops in the service of this Colony.

The Council adjourned till to-morrow morning, nine o' clock.