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Mr. McKean reported to the House the Proceedings


Tuesday, March 14, 1775.

Messrs˙ George Read, Thomas McKean, and John Clark, Members of this House, who were absent at the beginning of this session, now appeared in the House, took and subscribed the usual qualifications, and took their seats accordingly.

Mr˙ McKean informed the House, that the late Representatives of the Freemen of this Government met in Convention at New-Castle, on the first and second days of August last, and among other things nominated and appointed the Honourable Caesar Rodney, Esq˙, George Read, Esquire, and himself, or any two of them, Deputies or Delegates on the part and behalf of this Government, in a General Continental Congress, then proposed to be held at the City of Philadelphia, on the first Monday in September following, or at any other time or place that might be generally agreed on, then and there to consult and advise with the Deputies from the other Colonies, and, to determine upon all such prudent and lawful measures as might be indeed most expedient for the Colonies immediately and unitedly to adopt, in order to obtain relief for an oppressed people, and the redress of our general grievances; the proceedings of which Convention he delivered in at the table, and the same were, by order, read.

He then proceeded to inform the House, that they, the said Caesar Rodney, George Read, and himself, repaired to the City of Philadelphia, according to appointment, and that the Congress had agreed to the several particulars contained in a printed pamphlet, intituled, "The Journal of the Proceedings of the Congress held at Philadelphia, September 5th, 1774," and certified to be a genuine and exact copy of the original by Charles Thomson, their Secretary, which he delivered in at the table For the perusal and consideration of the House.

Ordered, That the same be read.

And the same was done accordingly.

Resolved, That the same be detained under consideration till to-morrow morning.

Then the House adjourned till to-morrow morning at ten o' clock.