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Jedediah Huntington to Governour Trumbull



Camp in Roxbury, September 6, 1775.

honoured sir: I have your esteemed favour of the 4th September; observe that provision is made for Mrs˙ Dyer. I this day hear of the death of my First Lieutenant. I strongly recommend my Second Lieutenant, Mr˙ Jonathan Brewster, to succeed. He is an officer I set as much by as any one in the Regiment, although there are so many worthy men among the number.

A secret expedition is on foot, under the command of Colonel Arnold; a draught is to be made of about eleven hundred. Colonel Enos, Major Meigs, Major Bigelow, Captain Flanchet, and Dr˙ Turner, are of the party. I call it a secret expedition, but it is become, like many others, known to every body. The design is against Quebeck, by the way of Kennebeck River. Should Dr˙ Turner go, I shall be left without any Surgeon but Dr˙ Holmes. Dr˙ Waldo, of Pomfret, is discharged and gone home, on account of his ill state of health. Dr˙ Waldo, of Coventry, has been here some time, at my desire, administering to the sick; his assistance has been much needed, and will be more so when Turner is gone. Waldo will expect something to depend upon the pecuniary score, if he continues any longer. We are this night making approaches towards our enemies on the Neck; expect they will show their resentment.

Thursday morn. — Three separate intrenchments were thrown up last night, which will cover our out-sentries and advanced right parties; no opposition made. Nothing further to detain you.

I remain, with suitable regards to all, your dutiful and affectionate son, JEDEDIAH HUNTINGTON.

To Governour Trumbull.