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Petitions from Several Committees


Met according to adjournment.

Petitions of the Committee of Correspondence and Observation for the Precinct of New Barbadoes and Hackensack, of the Township Committee of Franklin, and of the Precinct Committee of Saddle River, in the County of Bergen, setting forth, that the Deputies who represent the said County in Provincial Congress, and the persons who compose the County Committee of Bergen, were not duly elected, &c˙, praying that the said Deputies may be dismissed from their seats in Congress; that the said Committee may be dissolved, and that a new election may be directed, were read, and ordered a second reading.

The Township Committee of Trenton, made return of the persons who, in their bounds, signed the General Association of this Colony, and of those who refused so to do; which was ordered to be filed.

The Committee to whom the draft of an Ordinance respecting persons who remove from the adjacent Colonies, &c˙, was committed, reported the same with amendments, which being read, was agreed to, and ordered to be engrossed.

The Congress again resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole House, on the Ordinance for fixing the qualifications of Electors and Deputies, &c. After some time spent therein, the President resumed the chair, and Mr˙ Fisher, Chairman of the Committee, reported, that they had gone through the said Ordinance; which being read, was agreed to, and ordered to be engrossed.

Adjourned till nine o' clock, tomorrow morning.