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Joseph O. Bogert, Butcher


Joseph Ooten Bogert informed the Congress that the Sentinels of the Port-Guard have prevented him from supplying to His Excellency the Governour, and the people on board of the Ship Dutchess of Gordon, the ordinary supplies of fresh Provisions.

Thereupon Ordered, That Joseph O˙ Bogert, butcher, be permitted to supply the Ship Dutchess of Gordon with a sufficient quantity of fresh Provisions; and that the said Joseph O˙ Bogert do furnish Captain William Mercier with an account, from day to day, of the quantity of Provisions so supplied by him; and that a certified copy of this Order be given to, the said Joseph O˙ Bogert.

The Congress was informed that the Barrackmaster is in want of Beds, or crocus or canvass to make Beds, for the Troops hourly expected; and that materials fit for that purpose are not to be purchased.

Therefore Ordered, That Colonel Curtenius deliver to the Barrackmaster as many of the coarsest Sheets as he shall apply for, to cover straw Beds for the Troops expected; and that Mr˙ Curtenius take the Barrackmaster' s receipt for the same.

John Van Cortlandt, Esq˙, Mr˙ Roosevelt, and Captain Rutgers, are appointed a Committee to examine the Lists of empty Houses in this city, made by sundry citizens at the request of the Committee of Safety, and returned to this Congress, and to ascertain such as they may think most proper for the use of the Troops.