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Convention met at Richmond



Proceedings of the Convention of Delegates held at the Town of Richmond, in the Colony of Virginia, on Friday, the first of December, 1775, and afterwards by adjournment in the City of Williamsburgh. Present:

FOR ALBEMARLE: John Walker and Chas˙ Lewis, Esqrs.

FOR AMELIA: John Tabb and John Winn, Esquires.

FOR AMHERST: William Cabell, Jun˙, and Joseph Cabell, Esquires.

FOR AUGUSTA: Samuel McDowel and Thomas Lewis, Esquires.

FOR BEDFORD: John Talbot, Esquire.

FOR BOTETOURT: Andrew Lewis and John Bowyer, Esquires.

FOR BRUNSWICK: Frederick Maclin and Henry Tazewell, Esquires.

FOR BUCKINGHAM: Thomas Patterson, Esquire.

FOR BERKELEY: Robert Rutherford and William Drew, Esquires.

FOR CAROLINE: Edmund Pendleton and James Taylor, Esquires.

FOR CHARLES CITY: William Aerill and Benjamin Harrison, Jun˙, Esquires.

FOR CHARLOTTE: Paul Carrington and Isaac Read, Esquires.

FOR CHESTERFIELD: Archibald Gary and Benjamin Watkins, Esquires.

FOR CULPEPPER: Henry Pendleton and Henry Field, Jun˙, Esquires.

FOR CUMBERLAND: William Fleming and John Mayo, Esquires.

FOR DINWIDDIE: John Banister and John Ruffin, Esqrs.

FOR DUNMORE: Jonathan Clark and Peter Muhlenburg, Esquires.

FOR ELIZABETH CITY: Henry King and Worlich Westwood, Esquires.

FOR ESSEX: James Edmonson and Meriwether Smith, Esquires.

FOR FAIRFAX: Charles Broadwater, Esquire.

FOR FAUQUIER: James Scott, Esquire.

FOR FREDERICK: Rev˙ Charles M˙ Thruston.


FOR GLOUCESTER: Thomas Whiting, Esquire.

FOR GOOCHLAND: John Woodson and Thomas M˙ Randolph, Esquires.

FOR HALIFAX: Nathaniel Terry and Micajah Watkins, Esquires.

FOR HAMPSHIRE: James Mercer and Joseph Neaville, Esquires.

FOR HANOVER: John Syme and Samuel, Meredith, Esqrs.

FOR HENRICO: Richard Adams and Richard Randolph, Esquires.

FOR JAMES CITY: Robert C˙ Nicholas and William Norvell, Esquires.

FOR Isle-of-Weight: John S˙ Wills and Josiah Parker, Esquires.

FOR KING GEORGE: Joseph Jones and William Fitzhugh, Esquires.

FOR KING AND QUEEN: George Brooke, Esquire.

FOR KING WILLIAM: Carter Braxton and William Aylett, Esquires.

FOR LANCASTER: James Selden and Chas˙ Carter, Esqrs.

FOR LOUDOUN: Francis Peyton and Josiah Clapham, Esquires.

FOR LOUISA: Thos˙ Johnson and Thos˙ Walker, Esqrs.

FOR LUNENBURG: David Garland and Thomas Tabb, Esquires.

FOR MIDDLESEX: Edmund Berkeley and James Montague, Esquires.

FOR MECKLENBURGH: Robert Burton and Bennet Goode, Esquires.

FOR NANSEMOND: James Murdaugh and Andrew Meade, Esquires.


FOR NEW-KENT: Burwell Bassett and Bartholomew Dandridge, Esquires.

FOR NORFOLK: Thomas Newton, Jun˙, and James Holt, Esquires.

FOR NORTHAMPTON: Michael Christian, Esquire.

FOR NORTHUMBERLAND: Peter P˙ Thornton and Rodham Kenner, Esquires.

FOR ORANGE: Thos˙ Barbour and James Taylor, Esqrs.

FOR PITTSYLVANIA: Peter Perkins and Benjamin Lankford, Esquires.

FOR PRINCE EDWARD: Robert Lawson and Wm˙ Bibb, Esquires.

FOR PRINCE GEORGE: Richard Bland and Peter Poythress, Esquires.

FOR PRINCESS ANNE: Christopher Wright, Esquire.

FOR PRINCE WILLIAM: Henry Lee and Thomas Blackburn, Esquires.

FOR RICHMOND: Robert W˙ Carter and Walter Jones, Esquires.

FOR SOUTHAMPTON: Edwin Gray and Henry Taylor, Esquires.

FOR SPOTTSYLVANIA: George Stubblefield and Mann Page, Jun˙, Esquires.

FOR STAFFORD: Charles Carter, Jun˙, and Thomas Ludwell Lee, Esquires.

FOR SURRY: Allen Cocke and Nicholas Faulcon, Jun˙, Esquires.

FOR SUSSEX: David Mason and Henry Gee, Esquires.

FOR WARWICK: William Harwood and William Langhorne, Esquires.

FOR WESTMORELAND: Richard Lee and John A˙ Washington, Esquires.

FOR YORK: Dudley Digges and Hugh Nelson, Esqrs.

FOR JAMESTOWN: Champion Travis, Esquire.

FOR WILLIAMSBURGH: Joseph Prentis, Esquire.

Paul Carrington, Esq˙, a Delegate for the County of Charlotte, reminded the Convention of the death of the Honourable Peyton Randolph, Esq˙, the late worthy President, which made it necessary to appoint another, and did recommend Edmund Pendleton, Esq˙, as a gentleman in every respect qualified to fill that important office. He was seconded by James Mercer, Esq˙, a Delegate for the County of Hampshire; and upon a question put, the said Edmund Pendleton was elected President, and took the chair accordingly, from whence he made his acknowledgments for this distinguished mark of their favour, in calling him to an office of such honour and importance, as unsolicited as unmerited. He entreated their candour and assistance to enable him to discharge it with propriety, in which he promised every exertion of his small abilities.

Ordered, That Mr˙ John Tazewell be appointed Clerk of this Convention.

A Letter from Colonel Woodford, of the Second Regiment, was laid before the Convention, and read; representing the situation of the Troops under his command, and of those under Lord Dunmore; that he had received an offer of assistance from the commanding officer of the Troops stationed in North-Carolina, not far distant, which he had hitherto declined to call for, thinking the force he had at present sufficient, but that he would take his measures as circumstances should occur.

Resolved, That the President be required, in a Letter to Colonel Woodford, to be sent by express, to desire he will risk the success of his arms as little as possible, and, if there is not a moral probability of security with the Troops he hath, he will embrace the offer of assistance from those of North-Carolina, by sending immediately for them.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Francis Eppes be appointed Messenger to this Convention.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Joseph Prentis, who is elected a Delegate to represent the City of Williamsburgh, in the


room and during the necessary absence of George Wythe, Esq˙, one of the Delegates for this Colony in General Congress, be admitted into this Convention as a Delegate for the said city.

The Convention adjourned till Monday next eleven o' clock, then to meet in the City of Williamsburgh.