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To the Committee of Safety for Massachusetts



Salem, May 29, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: Mr˙ Stephen Higginson, of this Town, arrived here yesterday from London. The answers he gave on his examination before the House of Commons, and which were some time since printed in the newspapers, have given umbrage to some persons in this place, (and we hear in Marblehead also,) who imagine those answers to be highly injurious to the Province, and given with an intention to distress it. He this day appeared before the Committee of Safety of this Town, and, upon exhibition of the facts, the Committee, to a man, were perfectly satisfied of his innocence and good intention relative to the matter complained of; but that every one might be made easy, as the Town were to meet this day, it was judged best to publish the whole to the inhabitants when assembled, which was done accordingly to a full meeting, and the Town thereupon expressed their satisfaction by a vote, from which only three or four dissented, but many did not vote at all; and since the meeting was dissolved we find that several remain dissatisfied, and desire the matter may be inquired into by the Provincial Committee of Safety; we have, therefore, advised Mr˙ Higginson to wait on you, that your decision may quiet the minds of the people here and through the Country. We have stated the facts above-mentioned as a necessary apology for troubling you about a matter so extremely obvious.

We are, gentlemen, your most humble servants,

RICH˙ DERBY, Chm' n Com˙ of Safety.


To the Provincial Committee of Safety.