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Petition of Edward Emerson


To the Honourable Great and General Court assembled at WATERTOWN on the 19th of JULY, A˙ D. 1775:

The Petition of Edward Emerson humbly sheweth: That whereas your Memorialist was appointed, by Colonel James Cargill and the officers of his Regiment, in the County of Lincoln, to convey to this honourable Court Messrs˙ Peleg Croaker and Nathaniel Phillips, supposed being guilty of violating the law of Congress, to which they have been heard before said honourable Court, your Petitioner humbly prays that the honourable Court would allow your Petitioner, for himself, one man, and two horses, time and expenses, from Booth-Bay to Watertown, and from Watertown to said Booth-Bay, which is about four hundred miles, out and home, and have been on the journey and hero ten days. That your honourable Court would take the same into your wise consideration, and discharge your Petitioner as soon as your wisdom will admit. And as in duty bound, shall ever pray.


WATERTOWN, August 16, 1775.