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Petitions of Charles Miles and Joshua Felt


Saturday, January 6, 1776.

The two following Petitions were committed to the Committee appointed to consider the Petitions and Accounts of wounded men, viz:

A Petition of Captain Charles Miles, who received a wound at Charlestown, on the 19th April last.

A Petition of Joshua Felt, who received a wound at Concord, on the same day.

A Bill to enable the inhabitants of Falmouth to recover Goods taken from them during the late fire there. Read a third time, and passed to be engrossed.

John Taylor, Esq˙, brought down the Resolve of this House for erecting a Powder-Mill at Andover.

The Committee appointed to consider what sum of money should be put into the hands of the Committee for fixing out Vessels, on account of this Colony, for importing Powder and other warlike stores, reported. Read, and accepted.

Resolved, That the Receiver-General of this Colony be, and hereby is directed to pay said Committee the sum of eight thousand Pounds, they to be accountable to the General Court for the same.

Resolved, That ten o' clock, next Tuesday morning, be assigned for the consideration of the Report of the Committee relative to the Poor of Boston and Charlestown.

Ordered, That the Doorkeeper be directed immediately to take into custody Doctor Samuel Gelston, and put him under a proper guard till the further order of Court.

Benjamin Lincoln, Esq˙, brought down the Report of the Committee of both Houses appointed to consider the matter of signing and numbering the Bills of Credit.

In Council, January 6, 1776: Read, and accepted, and thereupon Resolved, That two persons, such as the honourable House shall choose, be appointed to sign and number the Bills of Credit of the last emission, in the room of James Prescott and Joseph Palmer, Esqs˙, who are hereby excused.

Read, and concurred, and Doctor Rice and Major Ely are appointed to sign and number the Bills accordingly, and the Committee are directed to sit forthwith.

Charles Chauncy, Esq˙, brought down a Resolve recommending the Militia to remain in the Army beyond the time of inlistment, if needed.

On the Petition of Joseph Pearse Palmer:

Resolved, That there be paid to him out of the publick Treasury of this Colony, the sum of forty-five Pounds eight Shillings and seven Pence half-penny, in full consideration for his service as Quartermaster-General, at twelve Pounds per month, in the Army under the command of General Ward.

Ordered, That the Resolve for erecting a Powder-Mill at Andover be recommitted.


Ordered, That one-quarter of the Town of Newton' s quota of Wood for the Army be delivered at Roxbury; the other three-quarters at Cambridge; and also, one-quarter of the Town of Needham' s quota of Wood for the Army be delivered at Roxbury, and the other three-quarters at Cambridge, till further order of this Court.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Phillips, Mr˙ Cushing, and Major Fuller, be a Committee to wait upon his Excellency General Washington, on Monday morning next, to know of him whether he thinks there will be a necessity of retaining any or all of the Militia in camp after the 15th instant, and if any, how many he shall then stand in need of, and for what time.

Then the House adjourned till Monday next, ten-o' clock, A˙ M.