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John Dickinson added to the Deputies from Pennsylvania to the General Congress


October 15. — The House met pursuant to adjournment.

The Members appointed to wait on the Governour with the Message of last night, reported they had delivered the same, according to order, and that his Honour was pleased to say he would be in the Council Chamber at eleven o' clock this morning, to receive the House with their Speaker.

A Message by Mr˙ Secretary:

"SIR: The Governour is at the Council Chamber, and requires the attendance of the House, to present their Speaker."

Then Mr˙ Speaker, with the whole House, waited on the Governour, and, being returned from the Council Chamber, the Speaker resumed the Chair, and reported that the House had waited on his Honour, and presented their Speaker, of whom the Governour had been pleased to approve, and that he (the Speaker) had then, in the name and on behalf of the House, claimed their usual privileges, viz:

First. That the Members of the House, during their sitting, may enjoy freedom of Speech in all their propositions and debates.

Secondly. That they may, at all seasonable times, have free access to the Governour, the better to enable them to discharge the business of the publick.

Thirdly. That their persons and estates may be free from all manner of arrests, molestations, and injuries during the time of accustomed privilege.

Fourthly. — That the Governour would be pleased to take no notice of any report concerning any matter or thing moved or debated in the House, until the same shall be passed into Resolves, nor give the least credit to such report.

Fifthly. That his own (the Speaker' s) unwilling mistakes may be excused, and not imputed to the House, but that he may have liberty of resorting to them for an explanation of their true intent and meaning, and of reporting the same to the Governour.

All which he had claimed as the just and indefeisible rights and privileges of the freemen of the Province of Pennsylvania, derived and confirmed to them by the Laws and Charter of the said Province; and that the Governour was pleased to say, "They were the undoubted rights and privileges of the House, in which they might rely on his protection."

The Qualification by law appointed to be taken by Members of Assembly, and the test of Abjuration, being prepared, were then taken and subscribed, first by Mr˙ Speaker, in the Chair, and afterwards by the Members present, in their order.

Resolved, unanimously, That John Dickinson, Esquire, be, and he is hereby, added to the Committee of Deputies appointed by the late Assembly of this Province to attend the General Congress now sitting in the City of Philadelphia on American Grievances.

Resolved, That this House will provide an Entertainment, to be given on Thursday next, to the Deputies from the several Colonies attending publick business in this City.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Gray, Mr˙ Hillegas, Mr˙ Mifflin, Mr˙ Rodman, Mr˙ Pearson, Mr˙ Wayne, and Mr˙ Ross, with the Speaker, be a Committee to provide and superintend the said Entertainment, and that Mr˙ Speaker do invite the gentlemen of the Congress accordingly.

It being represented by Mr˙ Hillegas, that Cayashuta, an Indian Chief of note, and a friend to this Province, is now in Town and in want of some necessaries:

Ordered, That Mr˙ Hillegas do procure the necessaries requested by the said Indian Chief, defray his expenses while in Town, and present him with the sum of ten pounds, in behalf of this Government.