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William Hooper and Joseph Hewes, from North Carolina, attended


Wednesday, September 14, 1774, A˙ M.

The Congress met according to adjournment.

William Hooper and Joseph Hewes, Esquires, two of the Deputies from North Carolina, attended the Congress and produced their credentials, as follows:

NORTH CAROLINA. — At a General Meeting of Deputies of the Inhabitants of this Province, at Newbern, the twenty-fifth day of August, 1774:

Resolved, That we approve of the proposal of a General Congress, to be held in the City of Philadelphia, on


the twentieth of September next, then and there to deliberate upon the present state of British America, and to take such measures as they may deem prudent, to effect the purpose of describing with certainty the rights of Americans; repairing the breaches made in those rights, and for guarding them for the future from any such violations done under the sanction of publick authority.

Resolved, That William Hooper, Joseph Hewes, and Richard Caswell, Esquires, and every of them, be Deputies to attend such Congress, and they are hereby invested with such powers as may make any acts done by them, or consent given in behalf of this Province, obligatory in honour upon every inhabitant hereof, who is not an alien to his country' s good, and an apostate to the liberties of America.

Signed, JOHN HARVEY, Moderator.
Attested, ANDREW KNOX, Clerk.

The above being read and approved, the Deputies took their seats.

Henry Wisner, a Delegate from the County of Orange, in the Colony of New-York, appeared at Congress, and produced a certificate of his election by the said County, which, being read and approved, he took his seat in Congress as a Deputy for the Colony of New-York.

George Ross, Esquire, one of the Delegates for the Province of Pennsylvania, and John Alsop, Esquire, one of the Delegates for the Colony of New-York, appeared and took their seats in Congress.

Ordered, That William Hooper and Joseph Hewes, Esquires, from North Carolina, be added to the Committee appointed to state the rights of the Colonies.

Ordered, That William Hooper, Esquire, be one of the Committee appointed to report the Statutes which affect the Trade, &c˙, of the Colonies.

The Delegates from the Province of Massachusetts Bay, agreeable to a request from the Joint Committees of every Town and District in the County of Middlesex, in the said Province, communicated to the Congress the Proceedings of those Committees at Concord, on the 30th and 31st days of August last, which were read.

Adjourned till to-morrow at nine o' clock.

No business being prepared, the Congress was adjourned from day to day, till Saturday morning at nine o' clock.