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The King' s Answer to the Address Presented Yesterday


FRIDAY, February 10, 1775.

The Lord Chancellor reported, that both Houses of Parliament did, yesterday, present to his Majesty their humble Address, to which his Majesty was pleased to return the following most gracious Answer:

My Lords and Gentlemen:

I thank you for this very dutiful and loyal Address, and for the affectionate and solemn assurances you give me of your support in maintaining the just rights of my crown, and of the two Houses of Parliament; and you may depend on my taking the most speedy and effectual measures for enforcing due obedience to the laws and the authority of the supreme Legislature.

Whenever any of my Colonies shall make a proper and dutiful application, I shall be ready to concur with you in affording them every just and reasonable indulgence; and it is my ardent wish that this disposition may have a happy effect on the temper and conduct of my subjects in America.