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Officers Chosen in the Several Districts of the Middle Battalion


A List of the Officers chosen in the several Districts of the Middle Battalion, WESTCHESTER County.

For MAMARONECK and RYE, except the upper end of Kingstreet: Robert Bloomer, Captain; Alexander Hunt, First Lieutenant; Ezekiel Halstead, Second Lieutenant; Daniel Horton, Ensign.

For SEARSDALE, WHITE PLAINS, and BROWN' S POINT: Joshua Hatfield, Captain; James Verrian, First Lieutenant; Anthony Miller, Second Lieutenant; John Falconer, Ensign.

For HARRISON' S PRECINCT and the upper end of Kingstreet: Henry Dusinberry, Captain; Lyon Miller, First Lieutenant; Caleb Paulding Horton, Second Lieutenant; Gilbert Dusinberry, Ensign.

For the East Company, NORTHCASTLE: Benoni Platt, Captain; David Hobby, First Lieutenant; Abrm˙ Knapp, Second Lieutenant; Jonathan Guion, Ensign.

For the South Company, NORTHCASTLE: Benjamin Ogden, Captain; Jeremiah Hunter, First Lieutenant; Caleb Merritt, Jun˙, Second Lieutenant; James Brundige, Ensign.

In Northcastle, North Company, there were not persons


sufficient in number who had signed the Association to make officers of; so that nothing was done.

For BEDFORD, Eastern District: Lewis McDonald, Jun˙, Captain; James Miller, First Lieutenant; Henry Lord, Second Lieutenant; Jesse Miller, Ensign.

For BEDFORD, Western District: Eli Seely, Captain; Hezekiah Grey, First Lieutenant; Ephraim Raymond, Second Lieutenant; Gabriel Higgins, Ensign.

For POUNDRIDGE: Joseph Lockwood, Captain; Noah Bouton, First Lieutenant; William Fansher, Second Lieutenant; Gilbert Reynolds, Ensign.

For SALEM, Southern District: Abijah Gilbert, Captain; Jacob Halt, First Lieutenant; Sands Raymond, Second Lieutenant; Joseph Coley, Ensign.

For SALEM, Northern District: Thaddeus Crane, Captain; Jesse Truesdale, First Lieutenant; Ezekiel Halley, Second Lieutenant; Ebenezer Brown, Ensign.