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Committee of Supplies Requested


At a Meeting of the Committees of Safety and Supplies, at the house of Captain Stedman, Tuesday, the 8th of November, 1774, Present:

COMMITTEE OF SAFETY. — Dr. Warren, Dr. Church, Captain White, Captain Heath, Mr˙ Devens, Col. Palmer, Mr˙ Watson, and John Pigeon.

COMMITTEE OF SUPPLIES. — Col. Lee, Deacon Cheever, Mr˙ Gill, Mr˙ Hall, and Colonel Lincoln.

Voted unanimously by the Committee of Safety, that the Committee of Supplies be advised to procure all the Arms and Ammunition they can in the neighbouring Provinces on the Continent; and that it is recommended that the Committee of Supplies do, and may with safety, engage the pay for the same on the arrival here of said Arms and Ammunition.

Voted, That the Committees adjourn to Mr˙ Whittemore' s, in Charlestown, to meet next Tuesday, at ten o' clock.