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Letter from General Moore to General McDonald



Camp at Rockfish, February 19, 1776.

SIR: Yours of this day I have received; in answer to which I must inform you, that the terms which you are pleased to say, in behalf of the Army under your command, are offered to us as friends and countrymen, are such as neither my duty or inclinations will permit me to accept, and which I must presume you too much of an officer to expect of me. You were very right when you supposed me unacquainted with the Governour' s Proclamation; but as the terms therein proposed are such as I hold incompatible with the freedom of Americans, it can be no rule of conduct for me. However, should I not hear further from you before twelve o' clock to-morrow, by which time I shall have an opportunity of consulting my officers here, and perhaps Colonel Martin, who is in the neighbourhood of Cross-Creek, you may expect a more particular answer; mean time you may be assured that the feelings of humanity will induce me to show that civility to such of your people as may fall into our hands, as I am desirous should be observed towards those of ours, who may be unfortunate enough to fall into yours.

I am, sir, your most obedient and very humble servant,