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Pennsylvania Council



At a Council held at Philadelphia on Tuesday, 16th May,1775.

Present: The Honourable John Penn, Esq˙, Governour, James Tilghman, Andrew Allen, Esquires.

The Governour acquainted the Board that eight Cayuga Indians came to Town on Saturday last from Canasadego, on the Cayuga branch of Susquchannah, on some business with this Government, and that he now proposed to hear what they had to say.

Whereupon the Board agreed that they should be immediately sent for, and they were accordingly introduced.

The Governour then acquainting them that he was ready to hear them, ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ , addressing himself to the Governour, first went through some short usual ceremonies of clearing the throat and heart, and opening the ears, &c˙, and then producing a belt of wampum, spoke as follows, viz: That three of their company who were present as the nearest surviving relations of the old Seneca Sohaes, who lived for many years with his family and connexions on a tract of land within the manor of Conestogo, in Lancaster County; that the old man, with his family and relations, were several years ago murdered, there by some wicked men belonging to this Government; and that the said tract of land, containing about five hundred acres, now became the property of his three relatives present, one of whom is Sohaes' s brother; that they had come down at this time to see their brother Onas, and to make sale of the said land to him. That the land is very rich, and worth a great deal of money; but as their brother Onas was himself well acquainted with its value, they desired he would purchase it from them, for such a price as he thought reasonable, and they would be entirely satisfied.

He then delivered the belt of wampum to the Governour, and told him that he had finished what he had to say.

The Governour thereupon acquainted the Indians that


he and his Council would take their Speech into consideration, and give them an answer on Thursday morning.