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Capt. Henry B. Livingston to the New-York Congress



Claremont, June 6, 1775.

SIR: Yesterday I received my warrant (which permits me the liberty I now take) from Captain Shelden, a member of the Committee appointed for Dutchess County. It was not without surprise I received a commission inferiour to that I have been honoured with. But the reflection, that the Congress will undoubtedly supply places of higher rank with more experienced officers, soon rid me of the disagreeable sensations my degradation had excited, and determined me to accept of the commission offered, with a fixed resolution to be as useful to my Country as the station I am placed in will allow me. I have this day enlisted ten men, and have provided quarters and provisions for my whole complement, at the rate of eight shillings per week for each man. The men I have enlisted bear good characters, and to appearance are healthy, lively, and of robust constitutions; proper persons will be appointed to inspect them by Saturday next. Few of them will be able to furnish shoes, stockings, arms, &c. You will infinitely oblige me if you would lay this matter before the Congress, and use your endeavours to get arms sent to us as expeditiously as possible, as the disciplining them will be much retarded for want of them. I can enlist many who have those necessaries, but this will take up more time, and perhaps hinder me from getting men so fit for action as those I now have. A fifer, I believe, cannot be found in this part of the Country; a drummer I have engaged. The rest of my task shall, with all diligence, be performed. Sir, your most obedient humble servant,


To Peter V˙ B˙ Livingston, Esquire, President of the Provincial Congress of New-York.