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The Sub-Committees Report


Committee Chamber, New-York, 15th March, 1775.

The Sub-Committees appointed by this Committee to join with the Vestrymen of each Ward in this City, in superintending the polls held this day, in the said Wards, for taking the votes of the Freemen and Freeholders on the question, "Whether they would choose Deputies for this City and County, to meet such Deputies as the Counties may elect, and join with them for the sole purpose of appointing out of their body Delegates for the next Congress?" And if yea, who such Deputies should be;

Reported, That they had accordingly attended the said polls, and delivered to the Committee the several poll-lists by them taken, under their hands, and the hands of the Vestrymen of such Wards, from which it appears that eight hundred and twenty-six Freeholders and Freemen voted for Deputies, and elected the eleven persons nominated by this Committee; and that one hundred and sixty-three voted against the measure of appointing Deputies. The said Sub-Committees also informed this Committee that almost all those who voted against the appointment of Deputies, declared they were nevertheless for Delegates.

Ordered, That the said reports and poll-lists be lodged with the Secretary, and that Circular Letters be written to all the Counties in the Colony, informing them of the


appointment of Deputies for this City and County, and requesting them, with all convenient speed, to elect Deputies to meet in Provincial Convention at the City of New-York, on the 20th day of April next, for the sole purpose of appointing Delegates to represent this Colony at the next Congress to be held at Philadelphia, the 10th day of May next.

Ordered, That the above extracts from the proceedings of the Committee be published.

By order of the Committee:

JOHN ALSOP. Deputy Chairman.