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Die Martis, 4to ho˙ P˙ M˙, March 26, 1776.

The Committee met pursuant to adjournment.

Present: William Paulding, Esq˙, Chairman pro tem.

FOR NEW-YORK. — Colonel McDougall, Mr˙ Van Cortlandt, Mr˙ Sands.
FOR WESTCHESTER. — Mr˙ Paulding.
FOR ALBANY. — Colonel P˙ R˙ Livingston.
FOR ORANGE. — Mr˙ Cooper.
FOR CUMBERLAND. — Colonel William Williams.
FOR KING' S. — Mr˙ Leffertse.
FOR ULSTER. — Mr˙ Cantine.
FOR TRYON. — Mr˙ Moore.
FOR SUFFOLK. — Mr˙ Tredwell.
FOR DUTCHESS. — Colonel M˙ Graham, Mr˙ Everson.
FOR RICHMOND. — Mr˙ Adrian Bancker.

Ordered, That Captain Charles Alexander and Lieutenant John Hennessey be at liberty to inlist the Mariners lately brought from the east end of Nassau-Island, and now confined in the Jail of this City, and take them to Philadelphia; and that the said Mariners be discharged from confinement on the request of those gentlemen.

The Committee of Safety, having called and examined the gentlemen inlisting Mariners for the three vessels on the Lake, by order of Continental Congress, and the Captains of the Armed Vessels fitting out by order of this Colony for the defence of the trade between Sandy-Hook and the Capes of Delaware, are informed that there are but few Mariners in this city, and not more, if so many, as will be sufficient for the necessary purposes above-mentioned. The Committee are therefore of opinion that they cannot, with justice to the Colony or to the publick service to the northward, consent that Captain Alexander and Lieutenant Hennessey inlist, or take away any other Mariners than those above-mentioned.

Thomas Hockley, of Philadelphia, Merchant, and John Warder, of the same place, Merchant, (being two of the people called Quakers,) attending, were admitted. Matthias Aspin, of Philadelphia, and William Horner, of Virginia, also attending, were admitted.

The said Thomas Hockley and John Warder were respectively


duly affirmed; and the said Matthias Aspin and William Homer were respectively duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists, not to give any information or intelligence whatsoever to any person or persons whomsoever on board of the Packet, the ship in which Governour Tryon resides, the Ships Asia or Phenix, or on board of any other vessel in this Colony, under the care or direction of, or connected with any person on board of either of the vessels above-mentioned, relative to any Fortifications erecting for the defence of this City and Colony, or any other of the United Colonies; nor relative to the American Fleet, or any armed vessels fitted out by any Colony or place; and not to carry on board of either of the said vessels, nor deliver to any person belonging to either of them, any papers or writings whatever relative thereto; nor any other papers or writings but such as shall have been first shown to this Committee, and permitted to be taken on board.

Thereupon permits were given to the said four persons respectively, to go on board of the Packet with the Port-Master.