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Proceedings at a Court of Common Council



Friday, July 7, 1775.

A Court of Common Council was held this day at Guildhall, when the Court re-assumed the consideration of the


letter from the Committee of New-York, addressed to the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Council of London; when a motion was made by Mr˙ Stavely, that an humble Address, Remonstrance, and Petition, relative to the distressed situation of the American Colonies, should be presented by the City, in their corporate capacity, to His Majesty. This caused warm debates, it being strongly opposed by several of the members. Mr˙ Hunt then made the following motion:

"That an humble Address and Petition be presented to His Majesty, praying that he will be pleased to cause hostilities to cease between Great Britain and America, and to adopt such measures as will restore union, confidence, and peace over the British Empire."

This motion, (leaving out the word "Remonstrance," after several debates, was carried in the affirmative.

The number for the motion were: six Aldermen, sixty-six Commoners, and two Tellers. — Total 74.

Against the motion: six Aldermen, fifty-one Commoners, and two Tellers. — Total 59.

Majority for the motion 15.

Mr˙ Hunt then moved, that a Committee of six Aldermen and twelve Commoners might be directly appointed to draw up the Petition and Address, which passed in the affirmative. The Committee withdrew, and in a short time returned with a most respectful Petition and Address , which met the approbation of the whole Court, except one dissenting Alderman.

The Sheriffs are directed to attend His Majesty at St˙ James' s next Wednesday, in order to know when he will be pleased to receive the above Address , which will be presented by the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Council, in their gowns.