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General Schuyler to Governour Trumbull



Ticonderoga, July 18, 1775.

SIR: Tour favour of the first July I only had the honour to receive on the fifteenth, on my way to this place, where I arrived this day. Be assured, Sir, that every recommendation of yours will claim my particular attention. I left Captain Elisha Phelps to forward the stores from Albany, where he will remain, unless the necessity of the service should oblige me to call him elsewhere. If any opportunity offers in which I can employ Captain Noah Phelps, I shall embrace it with alacrity. I find the Troops from your Colony, under the command of Colonel Hinman, destitute of tents, an article they much stand in need of, being now crowded info bad barracks, which I fear will be productive of disease. Should it be impossible to procure the materials for making tents in your Colony, they may possibly he furnished by the New-York Congress, which can make no material difference, as it will probably be a Continental charge. Colonel Hinman informs me that fat cattle were expected up from Connecticut for the Troops here. I had ordered, Mr˙ Walter Livingston to purchase a hundred head. Should your Honour learn that he has succeeded, it will supersede the necessity of sending any until a future requisition.

Permit me, Sir, to assure you of my respect and esteem, and that I am your Honour' s most obedient and very humble servant,


The Honourable Jonathan Trumbull, Esq.

P˙ S. Colonel Hinman begs his respects. Be pleased to forward the letters for General Washington by the next poSt.