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Proclamation of Governour Eden


By his Excellency ROBERT EDEN, Esquire, Governour and Commander-in-chief in and over the Province of MARYLAND:



Whereas, by my return into this Province, I have resumed the administration of the Government thereof; by and with the advice and consent, therefore, of the Lord Proprietary' s Council of State, I have thought fit to issue this my Proclamation, notifying the same to all Sheriffs, Magistrates, and others, the Lord Proprietary' s Officers in this Province. And I do further will and direct, that all Officers, both Civil and Military, execute and discharge the several trusts and duties in them reposed and enjoined by their present respective commissions, until such time as they shall receive directions to the contrary. And to the end that all persons concerned may have due notice thereof, I do strictly charge and require the several Sheriffs of this Province to make this my Proclamation publick in their respective Counties, in the usual manner, as they will answer the contrary at their peril.

Given at the City of Annapolis, this eighth day of November, in the fourth year of the dominion of the Right Honourable Henry Harford, Esq˙, Anno Domini 1774.

Signed by order,