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Letter from Maryland Council of Safety to Calvert County Committee



[No˙ 75.]
Annapolis, March 22, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: As it was thought by the last Convention that fifty regular troops would be sufficient to watch the movements of the ships-of-war and their tenders, on your coast, and to repel any sudden attack or invasion which might be attempted by small parries; and as we do not conceive your situation more dangerous now than it was then, so we cannot think ourselves at liberty to station an additional number of men in your County. We wish to prevent the Militia being harassed; and apprehend, when Captain Beall arrives at his station, which we imagine will be by the last of next week, there will not be any occasion for them to move, unless a more formidable force should come up the bay than has yet appeared, which we have no reason to expect for some time; under which circumstances, the number you speak of would not avail, and the Militia would be under a necessity of taking the field.

We have renewed our orders to the Committees of Observation for Charles County; and if they are not shortly complied with, will send you some powder from hence. As to famishing you with arms, though it would afford us the highest satisfaction, yet from our inability we cannot experience the pleasure of gratifying you, not having a sufficiency for the regular forces.

We are, &c.

To the Committee of Observation for Calvert County.