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Dr. John Williams to New-York Congress



Albany, August 10, 1775.

SIR: I arrived here in order to devise with Colonel Van Schaick how the medicines were to be obtained for the use of his Battalion, and, upon inquiry, I found Mr˙ Stephen McCrey was appointed Surgeon, at which I was greatly surprised, as my name was entered in the arrangement at the Provincial Congress before their late adjournment. Mr˙ Sylvester acquaints me that all the Surgeons were to pass an examination, which I would very readily have undergone. I cannot discover whence the partiality has arisen in regard to placing one in my room, after being already appointed, and had already planned my business accordingly.

As to my abilities, they are well known in this part of the country, and my practice is very extensive, particularly in surgery; and I have now a wounded man from Ticonderoga under my care, which has been given over by the Surgeons there, and hope in a few days I shall discharge him perfectly sound.

I have walked St˙ Thomas' s Hospital, in London, one year, and can produce my diploma, certifying the same, which I look upon as a sufficient recommendation to my


appointment, exclusive of being first mate in a man-of-war. I would have come down to York were it not for a crowd of business interrupting me. However, if it is required, I will immediately repair to New-York, or be examined by the Surgeons of those battalions now, or to be at Ticonderoga. Likewise I have amputating and all kinds of instruments fit for a campaign.

I am, with great respect, your very humble servant,


To John McKesson, Esquire, Secretary in Provincial Congress, New-York.