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Colonel Seth Warner to General Montgomery


[No˙ 3˙]


La Prairie, September 27, 1775.

MAY IT PLEASE YOUR HONOUR: I have the disagreeable news to write you, that Colonel Allen hath met with a defeat, by a stronger force, which sallied out from the Town of Montreal, after he had crossed the river, about a mile below the Town. I have no certain knowledge, as yet, whether he is killed, taken, or fled; but his defeat hath put the French people into great consternation. They are much concerned, for fear of a company coming over against us. Furthermore, the Indian chiefs were at Montreal at the time of Allen' s battle, and there were a number of the Caughnawaga Indians in the battle against Allen, and the people are very fearful of the Indians. There were six in here last night, I suppose sent as spies. I asked the Indians concerning their appearing against us in every battle; their answer to me was, that Carleton made them drunk, and drove them to it; but they said they would do so no more.

I should think it proper to keep a party at Longeuil, and my party is not big enough to divide. If I must tarry here, I should be glad of my Regiment, for my party is made up with different Companies in different Regiments, and my regulation is not so good as I could wish, for subordination to your orders is my pleasure.

I am, Sir, with submission, your humble servant,


To General Montgomery.