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Resolution appointing Colonel John Bowyer Commissioner of Claims on account of the late expedition against the Indians


Tuesday, January 9, 1776.

Resolved, That the Resolution appointing John Bowyer, gentleman, a Commissioner to receive for and pay to the several claimants in the Counties of Pittsylvania, Augusta, Botetourt, Fincastle,and Bedford, whatever may be due to them from the publick, and not called for at the Treasury, on account of the late expedition against the Indians, be now rescinded; and that Joseph Cabell, gentleman, be appointed a Commissioner in his stead, for the purposes aforesaid, and that he enter into bond, with sufficient security, for the due performance thereof; that he return an account to the Treasurer within six months from the time of receiving the money, and that he be allowed the sum of one hundred and fifty Pounds for his trouble and expenses in discharging the said trust.

Adjourned till to-morrow, half-after ten o' clock.