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Williamsburg, July 28, 1774


WILLIAMSBURG, July 28, 1774. — It is with much pleasure we learn that the County of Surry, from the highest to the lowest, are actuated with the warmest affection towards the suffering town of Boston. We are told, that immediately after the breaking up of the meeting of the freeholders and others, to consult upon the most proper measures to be taken, upwards of one hundred and fifty barrels of Indian corn and wheat were subscribed, and that twelve or thirteen subscription papers are now out for that purpose. Upon a moderate computation, our correspondent informs, us, eleven or twelve hundred barrels of different commodities will be produced by this county for the benefit of those firm and intrepid Sons of Liberty, the Bostonians.

It would be needless to recognise the particular generosity of each county in this Colony, as the publick must be very well acquainted, from the many Resolves which have been published, that all Virginia are unanimous in their endeavours to contribute whatever relief or assistance may be in their power.