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Pilots at New-York Ordered Not to Bring up the Ship Beulah


New-York, February 23, 1775.

On last Thursday night, the 16th instant, the Ship Beulah, Captain William M' Bussell, arrived at the Watering Place, about three leagues from this City, in nine weeks from London. The Pilots, we are informed, were ordered not to bring her up, lest her being in the Harbour should give uneasiness to the City. The same night, a Sloop with some members of the Sub-Committee of Observation, and other citizens on board, went down and anchored near the said Ship, to observe her conduct, and they will continue there till she departs. The Ship wants a new bowsprit; when she is furnished with this, and other necessaries for her voyage, she will be despatched without delay. She has neither entered nor broke bulk, and we are informed will be ready to sail about Sunday next.