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Watch to be Constantly Kept at the Places where the Provincial Magazines are Stored


At a Meeting of the Committees of Safety and Supplies, at the house of Captain Stedman, Tuesday, 14th March, 1775, Present:

COMMITTEE OF SAFETY. — Honourable John Hancock, Esquire, Colonel Heath, Captain White, Colonel Palmer, Mr˙ Devens, Colonel Orne, Mr˙ Watson, and Mr˙ Pigeon.

COMMITTEE OF SUPPLIES. — Deacon Cheever, Mr˙ Gerry, and Mr˙ Gill.

Also present, the Honourable Thomas Cushing, Esq˙, and Mr˙ Samuel Adams.

Voted, That Watches be kept constantly at places where the Provincial Magazines are kept, and that the Clerk write on the subject to Colonel Barret, of Concord, Henry Gardner, Esquire, of Stow, and Captain Timothy Bigelow, of Worcester, on the subject, leaving it to them how many the Watches shall consist of.

Voted, That Members from this Committee belonging to the Towns of Charlestown, Cambridge, and Roxbury, be desired, at the Province expense, to procure at least two men for a Watch every night, to be placed in each of those Towns; and that said Members be in readiness to send Couriers forward to the Towns where the Magazines are placed, when sallies are made from the Army by night.

Voted, That the Committees adjourn to Concord, to the 22d of this month.