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Application from Committee of Tryon County


A Letter from the Committee of Tryon County, bearing date the llth of January last, and requesting the loan of five hundred Pounds for their County, payable to Mr˙ John Moore, one of their Deputies, was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

"Tryos County Committee-Chamber, January 11, 1776,

"HONOURABLE GENTLEMEN: We took into mature consideration the defraying of our Committee, expenses for several services of scouting parties, guards, and other necessary duties, performed upon orders of our Board since the 27th August, 1774, to this day; and as it is to be feared that if in case we should levy such wanting money in a tax from our constituents, our Association would be hurt or entirely broken; therefore it is resolved by our Board, that such sum of money as is wanted for that purpose might be drawn out of the Provincial Treasury in New-York; and the same charged to this Board until a future time. In order of which we apply to you, with the humble request for your kind assistance in granting such reasonable desire; and relying thereon, we do hereby appoint and authorize our Delegate, Mr˙ John Moore, to receive out of the fund above-mentioned the sum of five hundred pounds, to the use of defraying such necessary payments already due on account and charge of our Board, as aforesaid.

"Your favourable compliance will in particular oblige, who are esteemfully, honourable gentlemen, your obedient humble servants.

"By order of the Committee:

"ISAAC PARIS, Chairman.

"Attest: "JOHN EISENLORD, Clerk.

"To the Honourable the Congress of New-York."

The Congress took the same into consideration; and, after some time spent therein,

Ordered, That the same be deferred for further consideration on the arrival of the Accounts of the Tryon County Committee, which are speedily expected.