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Another Letter from the Elizabethtown Commmittee


The said Sub-Committee further report another Letter to this Committee, from the Committee of Elizabethtown, which is in the words following, viz:

Elizabethtown, March 11, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: The Committee of Observation of this Town have this day used their endeavours to make a further discovery relating to the unlading part of the Cargo of the Ship Beulah, but are not able to give you the information they desire. Samuel Lee, a boatman of this Town, employed and accompanied by Ichabod B˙ Barnet, Esq˙, (son-in-law to Robert Murray,) appear, from very strong circumstances, to have been the persons concerned in that affair, who went from New-York on Monday last to the Ship.

We have had Lee before us. He appears greatly perplexed, but cannot be persuaded to give any clear information of the matter, he being under an apprehension that he, by that means, may be the ruin of some particular persons in New-York. The said Barnet was also before us, but refused to answer the question proposed to him; he only offered to swear (if it would be any satisfaction to us) that no Goods from the Beulah were landed at this Town,


which however, we did not accept. And there is reason to believe that Lee would have given information, had it not been for said Barnet, who, it appears, has prevented him from making the desired discovery.

We have only to add, that the Boat employed on this occasion is, the property of Isaac Woodruff, Esq˙, who, it clearly appears, was perfectly innocent, and knew nothing of the affair.

Signed by order of the Committee:


To the Committee of Observation of New-York.