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Orders to Captain Titus Salter


In Committee of Safety, Exeter, September 27, 1775.


You are hereby directed to take the command of the batteries on Pierce' s and Sevey' s Islands, and keep a constant guard at each, with your Company, taking care to exercise them in the handling and management of cannon, and such other exercises as you shall think necessary to make them capable of doing their duty at said fortifications. You are not to suffer any vessel to pass said fortifications, up the river, without a permit from the Committee of Safety of Portsmouth, except such vessels as you are satisfied are only on a fair trade. And if any armed vessel shall attempt to pass, without such permit, you are to prevent the same, by firing upon and destroying such vessel,


if necessary; but in all such cases, where time will admit of taking the advice of the said Committee of Portsmouth, you are to do it, and not fire on any vessel that shall come into the harbour, without their advice and consent, if you have time to obtain the same.