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House asks a Conference


Monday, February 19, 1776.

Ordered, That Major Hawley, Colonel Freeman, Major Fuller, Deacon Cheever, and Captain Goodman, be a Committee to go up to the honourable Board and acquaint them that this House is desirous of a Conference of both Houses (immediately, if the Board pleases) on the subject of regulating law processes in civil causes, and the proceedings of the Inferior Courts of Common Pleas, in the several Counties in this Colony, until some day in the sitting of this Court after their next meeting.

Samuel Holten, Esq˙, brought down a Letter from the Honourable James Otis, Esq˙, directed to the honouable Council, informing them that on Saturday last, a French Vessel ran on shore, on the South side of the Cape, with upwards of an hundred hogsheads of Molasses, and other small articles; that she had a French master, and one Pinkham, of Nantucket, an English master; that their Papers were all in French; that there was on board said Vessel one Monsieur Le Baron, a gentleman who took passage on board and Vessel, with a design to go to Philadelphia, who appeared to be much of a gentleman, and says he was in the King of Prussia' s service more than twenty years, and who says that the French and English masters talked of going into Boston; that the goods were taken into custody by Major Mullet, and others, who desire the directions of the Court.

Read, and committed to Major Hawley, Colonel Freeman, Captain Batchelder, and Mr˙ Davis, with such as the honourable Board may join.

Thomas Cushing, Esq˙, came down and informed the House, that the honourable Board agreed to the proposal of the House for a Conference on the subject of regulating law proceedings in civil causes, &c˙, and as there was not sufficient room for the House in the Council-Chamber, the Board propose that the Conference should be held in the Meeting-House, &c.

Ordered, That a message go to the honourable Board, and inform them that the House are now ready for the proposed Conference, and propose that the President of the honourable Board should preside at the same, and that the pews on each side of the pulpit be assigned for the Members of the honourable Board.

A Conference on the subject aforesaid was held accordingly, and it being ended, the Members of the Council left the House, and the Speaker having resumed the chair, the House adjourned to half an hour after three o' clock.


On a motion, Ordered, That Major Hawley, Mr˙ Speaker, Colonel Brooks, Major Fuller, and Colonel Bliss, with such as the honourable Board may join, he a Committee to consider what is proper to be done with respect to regulating proceedings in Civil Causes, &c˙, and report.

On a motion, Ordered, That the Clerk take down the names of those Members who have departed without leave of the House, since the injunction laid on them last Saturday afternoon.

Some Members present then gave in the following names, viz: Colonel Mitchell, Colonel White, of Rochester, Mr˙ Jewett, of Littleton, Deacon Rawson, and Deacon Watson, of Spencer.

The Members of the House were enjoined to give their attendance, and not to depart without leave of the House.

Ordered, That the Messenger of the House employ some person, or persons, to repair forthwith to the towns hereafter mentioned, to direct the immediate attendance of the Representatives thereof at this House, viz:

Medford, Mr˙ Benjamin Hall.
Malden, Mr˙ Ezra Sargent.
Roxbury, Colonel Aaron Davis.
Stoneham, Mr˙ Joseph Bryant, Jun.
Woburn, Josiah Johnson, Esq.
Dedham, Mr˙ Abner Ellis.
Milton, Captain Daniel Vose.

The House then adjourned till ten o' clock, to-morrow morning.