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Committee for Accomack County, Virginia



In Committee, Accomack County,
January 15, 1776.

A complaint being, heretofore, lodged against Captain Custis Kellum, mariner, a native of this County, for that


he has opposed the measures adopted by the honourable the Convention of this Colony for raising troops, and prevented, as much as in his power, recruits from being raised in the said service, and that he also has expressed himself in language inimical to the American cause, the said Kellum this day appeared, and answered the same; and sundry witnesses being examined on oath, it appeared, that he has much opposed the said measures, and prevented men from listing in the said service, and that he expressed himself in these words, viz: "Damn the Bostonians, what are they but a pack of G—d damned Rebels?"

The Committee taking this case into consideration, are unanimously of opinion that he has acted the part of an enemy to his country, and that the same be published in the Gazette; but the said Kellum appeared penitent, and expressing himself very sorry for his past imprudent conduct, promising to behave himself for the future in such manner as to regain and merit the confidence of his countrymen, and being seemingly convinced of his error, and voluntarily signed the Recantation hereafter written, it is recommended to his said countrymen to receive him into their former favour and good opinion:

"Whereas, I have spoken sundry very malicious and disgraceful words of the noble and spirited Sons of Liberty in New-England, now bleeding in the cause of freedom, and have been so impudent as to find fault with the proceedings of the honourable the Convention of Virginia, do hereby acknowledge, that my former opinion of the Bostonians, and of the proceedings of the honourable Convention, was founded on mean and narrow principles, and that I do hereby renounce the same, and will, for the future, conduct myself in such a manner as shall merit the good opinion of the good people of this country and the publick in general, against whom I have offended; and hope for this, my free and open recantation and acknowledgment, to receive pardon and forgiveness from the publick for my above offence."


Extract from the Minutes: