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York County (Pennsylvania) Committee



In Committee for York County, May 30, 1776.

Present: Fifty-five Members. Colonel Robert McPherson in the Chair.

The Resolve of the honourable Continental Congress, of the 15th instant, being read, was most cordially agreed and thankfully accepted; and

Resolved, That a delegation from this body, of nine members, be ordered to attend the Conference of Committees at Philadelphia, the 18th day of June next, to consider of the best and most effectual measures for carrying into execution, and settling the preliminary steps for the election of a Provincial Convention, to form a Constitution founded on "the authority of the People."

Resolved, That as the former Legislative powers of this Province cannot act without being under oaths or affirmations to the King of Great Britain, and dependant on him, which, by the cruel and wicked proceedings of that King and Parliament of Great Britain, more especially by a late Act of Parliament declaring the Colonists Rebels, and cutting them off from the protection of that Crown, the same has become incapable of legislation, and in that respect totally extinct; but

Resolved, nevertheless, That the Executive powers of Government ought to proceed in the usual channel, and that the laws heretofore made be put in due execution, until a Government, formed on the authority of the people only, takes place, agreeable to the Resolves of Congress of the 15th instant.

Resolved, That Mr˙ James Rankin, lately chosen a member to represent this County in Assembly, in sending seven Letters and a bundle of Remonstrances to seven inhabitants of this County, for the express purpose of getting those


Remonstrances signed by the people here, and transmitted to Philadelphia, (which Remonstrances can be calculated for no other purpose than to draw this Province off from the present union with the other Colonies, or to divide the people so as to fall an easy prey to our inveterate enemies,) has violated the trust reposed in him by the good people of this County.

Resolved, That should any person or persons be so lost to all sense of duty to the publick as to attempt to procure signers to said poisonous and destructive Remonstrance in this County, that the said person or persons will be considered as violators of the Resolves of Congress, and inimical to the liberties of America.