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Governour Trumbull to the President of Congress



New-Haven, December 20, 1775.

SIR: It is absolutely necessary that the treasury of this Colony receive an immediate supply of money for the purpose of paying off our troops, and the other expenses incurred by this Colony in the general service of the United Colonies. The forty-eight thousand pounds received by this Colony in Continental bills, have been long since expended; not in discharge of any former debt, but by much the greatest part thereof in payment of the troops raised by this Colony under the direction of the General, to facilitate their future inlistment, and of expenses incurred in the common cause, since it was received.

I am therefore directed by the General Assembly of this Colony to entreat the honourable Continental Congress to be so good, as soon as possible, to order a further sum to be issued out of the Continental treasury on account of this Colony, and paid into the hands of our Delegates, to the amount, if possible, of sixty thousand pounds, or at least such part thereof as can, by any means, at present, be spared. It is of the greatest consequence to us that the utmost despatch be made in this affair; I, therefore, in behalf of the Colony, beg the favour of you to lay this request immediately before the Congress, and to give it all the facilities in your power.

And am, with the greatest respect and esteem, sir, your most obedient, humble servant,

Jonathan Trumbull

To the Honourable President Hancock.