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Representation of the Commissioners and Assessors



To the Honorable John Penn, Esquire, Governor and Commander-in-chief of the Province of Pennsylvania.

MAY IT PLEASE YOUR HONOR: The Board of Commissioners and Assessors for the county of Westmoreland, at this critical junction, humbly beg leave to represent to your Honor the disagreeable situation they are now in, by reason of the present disturbances in this county. The Board beg leave to inform your Honor, that they have duly and regularly laid the assessments of the county, according to the laws of this Province; they have also issued the proper duplicates to the different Collectors by them appointed to collect the same; but the people residing in the back parts of the county, or the greater part of them, absolutely refuse to pay their taxes, or to serve the county in the office of Collector. On which account the Board has been under the necessity to be at a great expense by reason of their frequent meetings, which consequently must come off the public, and are unable without further assistance to execute their duty.

They therefore pray your Honor' s advice and assistance in this matter and for further particulars, refer your Honor to George Wilson, Esquire, who was an eye witness to the disturbance of the Court, by the meeting of a number of armed men; and the Board begs leave to assure your Honor that every step shall be taken in their power for the benefit and advantage of the Province.

By order of the Court,
JOSEPH BEELER, Commissioner,
JAMES SMITH, Commissioner,
Westmoreland, April 8, 1774.