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Mecklenburgh (North Carolina) Resolutions



Charlottetown, Mecklenburgh County, May 31, 1775.

This day the Committee of this County met, and passed the following Resolves:

Whereas by an Address presented to His Majesty by both Houses of Parliament in February last, the American Colonies are declared to be in a state of actual rebellion; we conceive that all the Laws and Commissions confirmed by, or derived from the authority of the King or Parliament, are annulled and vacated, and the former civil Constitution of these Colonies for the present wholly suspended. To provide in some degree for the exigencies of this County, in the present alarming period, we deem it proper and necessary to pass the following Resolves, viz:

I˙ That all Commissions, civil and military, heretofore


granted by the Crown, to be exercised in these Colonies, are null and void, and the Constitution of each particular Colony wholly suspended.

II˙ That the Provincial Congress of each Province, under the direction of the great Continental Congress, is invested with all legislative and executive powers within their respective Provinces, and that no other legislative or executive power does, or can exist, at this time, in any of these Colonies.

III˙ As all former laws are now suspended in this Province, and the Congress have not provided others, we judge it necessary, for the better preservation of good order, to form certain rules and regulations for the internal government of this County, until laws shall be provided for us by the Congress.


IV˙ That the inhabitants of this County do meet on a certain day appointed by this Committee, and having formed themselves into nine Companies, viz: eight in the County, and one in the Town of Charlotte, do choose a Colonel and other military officers, who shall hold and exercise their several powers by virtue of this choice, and independent of the Crown of Great Britain and former Constitution of this Province.

* * * * * *

[Then follows a number of Resolves, for the preservation of peace, and the administration of justice; in order to which, proper persons are to be chosen, empowered to hear and determine all matters of controversy, or in cases of felony, to commit persons convicted, to close confinement; and to answer all the purposes of regular Government,


till that shall be settled by the Grand Congress. Provision is likewise made for the collection of Taxes, to be paid into the hands of Committees; appointment of collectors, removable at the pleasure of their constituents, and to indemnify them for the money paid to the Committee.]

The 16th Resolve is,

XVI˙ That whatever person shall hereafter receive a Commission from the Crown, or attempt to exercise any such Commission heretofore received, shall be deemed an enemy to his Country; and upon information to the Captain of the Company in which he resides, the Company shall cause him to be apprehended, and upon proof of the fact, committed to safe custody, till the next sitting of the Committee, who shall deal with him as prudence shall direct.