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Boats and Canoes


On motion, Resolved, That all the Boats and Canoes employed in fishing, be obliged to pass Fort Johnson, and call at said Fort.

On motion, Resolved, That the Commander at Fort Johnson be, and he is hereby ordered, strictly to examine all Fishing and other Boats passing the said Fort, as well those who shall have permits as those of Fishermen, in order that no improper correspondence be carried on, which might prove injurious to the Colony in its present state.

On motion, Resolved, That John Morris, Esq˙, Comptroller of the Customs, on account of his present ill state of health, upon his parole not to go on board or have any intercourse with any of the King' s Vessels, have leave to pass and repass to his Island, by permits, during the pleasure of this Congress, or authority derived from them.

Resolved, That the indulgence granted to Mr˙ Morris, shall not be drawn into precedent.

The Messenger who had in charge to deliver the Letter to Captain Thornbrough, reported the delivery thereof; and that Captain Thornbrough only said, "it is very well."

Resolved, That Mr˙ President be authorized and empowered to order such motions of the Troops as he shall think necessary to enable Captain Blake to sink certain Schooners in Hog Island channel.

Ordered, That the Secretary do proceed in reading the Journals of the late Council of Safety.

The said Journals were accordingly read to the 21st of August, inclusive, page 154.

Adjourned to nine o' clock, to-morrow morning.