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List of the Delegates to the Convention



The Journal of the Proceedings of the first Provincial Convention of NORTH CAROLINA, held at NEWBERN, on the twenty-fourth day of AUGUST, A˙ D˙ 1774.

North Carolina, ss.

At a General Meeting of Deputies of the Inhabitants of this Province, at Newbern, the twenty-fifth day of August, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy-four: Appeared, for

ANSON County. — Mr˙ Samuel Spencer, Wm˙ Thomas.

BEAUFORT. — Roger Ormond, Thomas Respess, Jun˙

BLADEN. — William Salter, Walter Gibson.

BUTE. — William Person, Green Hill.

BRUNSWICK. — Robert Howe.

BERTIE. — John Campbell.

CRAVEN. — James Coor, Lemuel Hatch, Joseph Leech, Richard Cogdell.

CARTERET. — William Thompson.

CURRITUCK. — Solo˙ Perkins, Nathan Poyner, Samuel Jarvis.

CHOWAN. — Samuel Johnston, Thomas Oldham, Thomas Benbury, Thomas Jones, Thomas Hunter.

CUMBERLAND. — Farquard Campbell, Thomas Rutherford.

CHATHAM. — (None.)

DOBBS. — Richard Caswell, William McKinnie, George Miller, Simon Bright.

DUPLIN. — Thomas Gray, Thomas Hicks, James Kenan,William Dickson.

EDGECOMBE. — (None.)

GRANVILLE. — Thomas Person, Memucan Hunt.

GUILFORD. — (None.)

HYDE. — Rothias Latham, Samuel Smith.

HERTFORD. — (None.)

HALIFAX. — Nicholas Long, Willie Jones.

JOHNSTON. — Needham Bryan, Benjamin Williams.

MECKLENBURGH. — Benjamin Patton.

MARTIN. — Edmund Smythwick.

NEW-HANOVER. — John Ashe, William Hooper.

NORTHAMPTON. — Allen Jones.

ORANGE. — Thomas Hart.

ONSLOW. — William Cray.

PERQUIMANS. — John Harvey, Benjamin Harvey, Andrew Knox, Thomas Harvey, John Whedbee Jun˙

PASQUOTANK. — Joseph Jones, Edward Everigin, Joseph Reading.

PITT. — John Simpson, Edward Salter.

ROWAN. — Wm˙ Kennon, Moses Winslow, Sam˙ Young.

SURRY. — (None.)

TRYON. — David Jenkins, Robert Alexander.

TYRREL. — Joseph Spruill, Jeremiah Fraser.

WAKE. — (None.)

NEWBERN. — Abner Nash, Isaac Edwards.

EDENTON. — Joseph Hewes.

WILMINGTON. — Francis Clayton.

For the Town of BATH. — William Brown.

HALIFAX. — John Geddy.


SALISBURY. — (None.)

BRUNSWICK. — (None.)


The Deputies then proceeded to make choice of a Moderator, when Colonel JOHN HARVEY was unanimously chosen, and Mr˙ ANDREW KNOX appointed Clerk.

The Meeting then adjourned till eight o' clock to morrow morning.