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Answer of the House to Governour' s Message


The Answer of the House to the Governour' s Message being transcribed, according to order, was signed by the Speaker, and follows in these words, viz:

May it please your Honour:

We have taken into our consideration your Message of the 22d instant, respecting the expenses incurred, in obedience to your order for carrying into execution the laws of this Province, in the County of Northumberland, and request your Honour would be pleased to furnish the House with a copy of the orders given on that occasion; and, also, that you will direct a particular account to be laid before us of the expense which has accrued, to enable us to judge of the propriety and amount of the provision expected from us.

Signed by order of the House:


March 1, 1776.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Rodman and Mr˙ Hunter wait on the Governour with the foregoing Answer to his Message, and deliver the same.

The House adjourned to ten o' clock to-morrow morning.