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Motion by Colonel Ten Broeck


A motion was made by Colonel Ten Broeck, in the Words following, viz:

Mr˙ Speaker: I move that this House take into consideration the Proceedings of the Continental Congress, held in the City of Philadelphia, in the months of September and October last.

Whereupon Colonel Philips moved that the previous


question be first put, whether the question upon Colonel Ten Broeck' s motion should be now put? Upon which debates arose, and the said previous question being accordingly put, it was carried, in the negative, in manner following, to wit:

For the Affirmative.

Colonel Woodhull,
Colonel Schuyler,
Mr˙ Clinton,
Mr˙ Van Cortlandt,
Mr˙ De Witt,
Colonel P˙ Livingston,
Captain Seaman,
Colonel Ten Broeck,
Mr˙ Nicoll,
Mr˙ Boerum.

For the Negative.

Mr˙ Walton,
Mr˙ Rapalje,
Mr˙ De Lancey,
Mr˙ Brush,
Mr˙ Jauncey,
Colonel Philips,
Colonel Seaman,
Mr˙ Kissam,
Mr˙ Wilkins,
Mr˙ Billopp,
Mr˙ Van Kleeck.

Resolved, That his Honour' s Speech and Message, &c˙, of this day, referred to the Committee thereupon, be taken into further consideration to-morrow.