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Committee Appointed to Examine Vernon


Die Veneris, 4 ho˙ P˙ M˙, March 15, 1776.

The Congress met pursuant to adjournment.

Present: Brigadier-General Woodhull, President.

FOR NEW-YORK. — Mr˙ Randall, Mr˙ Van Cortlandt, Mr˙ Evert Bancker, Captain Rutgers, Mr˙ Sands, Mr˙ Hallett.
FOR ALBANY. — General Ten Broeck, Mr˙ Abraham Yates, Mr˙ Gansevoort, Colonel Nicoll, (on service.)
FOR SUFFOLK. — General Woodhull, Mr˙ Gelston.
FOR DUTCHESS. — Colonel P˙ Ten Broeck, Major R˙ G˙ Livingston, Colonel Morris Graham.
FOR WESTCHESTER. — Mr˙ Paulding.
FOR ULSTER. — Mr˙ Rhea, Mr˙ Lefever, Colonel Palmer, (on service.)
FOR ORANGE. — Colonel Hay, Colonel Allison.
FOR KING' S. — Mr˙ Polhemus.
FOR RICHMOND. — Mr˙ Adrian Bancker.
FOR CUMBERLAND. — Colonel William Williams.
FOR TRYON. — Mr˙ Moore.

Colonel Hay, from the Committee appointed to examine Thomas Vernon, delivered in their Report, and the Examination of the said Thomas Vernon, which was read and filed.

It thereby appears that the said Thomas Vernon is a worthless fellow, of no consequence. That no dependance is to be put on his information. As to Craig, the said Committee gave it as their opinion that he ought to be separated from Vernon, and not confined in the same place with him.