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Mr. Miller


Mr˙ Miller, of Suffolk County, had leave of absence, and Certificate that he is a Member given to him, to prevent his being delayed or obstructed by Sentinels in his passage through the City.

A Certificate and Pass was given to Mr˙ John Franks, of Suffolk County, Merchant, at the request of the Members of this Convention from that County.

Ordered, That Sa˙ Dyckman proceed immediately, as Express, with General Washington' s Letter to the Secret Committee, and that he take a private Letter for Colonel Cortlandt, which is now in this Hall.

Colonel Remsen produced a Letter from Daniel Tillinghast to Jacobus V˙ Zandt, Hen˙ Remsen, and Lewis Pintard, informing that he had received by Captain Jauncey, and stored, one hundred and forty-three casks of Gunpowder and eighty-one bales Merchandise for this Colony. Colonel Remsen informs the state of the Merchandise, and that he expects it to arrive at New York, and desires the direction of Convention as to its disposition.

The Convention directed Colonel Remsen to store the said bales of Merchandise until the further order of this Convention.