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Tryon County Committee to New-York Congress



Tryon County Committee-Chamber, February 17, 1776.

HONOURABLE GENTLEMEN: Your favour we received this week, and immediately called our members to a meeting, in order to consult for raising troops to contribute to the defence of our Colony, as desired.

We resolved to inlist, for such purpose, under Continental pay, at least two full companies, with despatch; and we will endeavour to afford three companies, if possible, but it is no sure dependance upon three, before trial.

We recommend the following persons, as well qualified, to be commissioned as officers for the two companies, in the following rank: Jacob W˙ Seeber, Captain; Yoost House, as Lieutenant; Jacob Ja˙ Clock, Ensign; Abner French, Captain; Jacob Simons, Lieutenant; John Newkerk, Ensign.

In regard to your request for recommending two persons for each office, that you may make the choice, we would have done accordingly, but to prevent confusion in inlistlng, and affronts, likewise, to the one or the other, to the hurt of the same, we concluded to recommend but one for each office, which so chosen, we judge capable and of influence among the people. We leave the expedition of their commissions, and other regulations, to your further directions. Concerning the clothing and accoutrements wanting for those new recruited men, we must annex, that it would be a needful encouragement, at least in our County, to furnish


them with such necessaries; and if so to be, where, and in what manner it shall be procured. Please, therefore, to consider this point without delay, and inform us with your opinion or resolve.

We must further lay before you the situation of our exposed frontier place at Fort Stanwix, where good caution, against dangerous enterprises, desires a number of men to be posted, tending really for the preservation of the country; and besides, we must hear of the Oneida Indians, close neighbours to said fort, the necessity of such a guard in that frontier place.

We beg, therefore, that you will consult upon this matter in particular, and favour us alike with your resolve undelayed. If our promised two companies, as above mentioned, would be wanting in any other places of the Province, we may almost assure, that to guard this frontier aforesaid, we shall be able to inlist another and third company, under Continental pay and the same provisions, as allowed to the other companies.

We remain, with respects, honourable gentlemen, your obedient, humble servants,


To the Honourable Congress, or Committee of Safety, New-York.