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Committees in the several Counties requested to purchase all the Salpetre and Sulphur which may be had


Saturday, July 29, 1775.

The Order of the Day, for the Convention to resolve itself into a Committee on the state of the Colony, being read,

Resolved, That this Convention will, on Monday next, resolve itself into the said Committee.

On a motion made,

Resolved, That the several Inspectors of this Colony be directed to preserve the trash Tobacco at their respective inspections, for the purpose of making Saltpetre; and that they deliver the same, when required, to such person or persons as may be appointed for that purpose by the Committee of the County.

Resolved, That the several Inspectors of the Publick Warehouses in this Colony do, some time before the last of August next, and after advertising the same in the publick papers, at the Warehouses, and at the Court-Houses of their respective Counties, sell, for ready money, all transfer and other Tobacco, which may have lain one year in their respective Warehouses, and pay the money, arising from such sale, as the law directs.

Resolved, That the Chairman of the Committees of the several Counties do, without delay, procure all the Saltpetre and Sulphur which may be had, and that the same be paid for by the publick; and it is earnestly recommended to all persons in this Colony to be assisting in procuring those necessary articles, and cheerfully to deliver to the said Chairman what they may have in their families, except so much as may be necessary for medicinal purposes.

Adjourned till Monday, nine o' clock.