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Instructions to Colonel Glover and Mr. Moylan



Camp at Cambridge, October 4, 1775.

His Excellency having resolved to equip two armed vessels, has empowered you to negotiate this business, in which the following directions are to be observed:

1st. That the vessels be approved sailers, and as well found as possible.

2d. That you have an appraisement made of them by indifferent people.

3d. That you agree, at as reasonable a rate as you can, for the hire of the vessels, and, if possible, procure the cannon and swivels on loan, and if not, purchase them at the cheapest rate per month.

4th. If you cannot equip them suitably at Salem or Marblehead, one of you proceed to Newburyport, where there are several vessels and sundry cannon provided, suitable for this purpose.

5th. You are, as soon as possible, to send down proper directions for the making of the cartridges and providing ammunition, and a list of what will be wanted.

6th. You are to nominate some suitable person at Cape Ann, Marblehead, and such other place, where any prizes may be sent, as an agent to take care of such prizes, instructing him to give as early information as possible of all captures, and the list of the cargoes, as far as he can do it from papers. These persons, when nominated by you, to receive instructions from Head-Quarters. You are also to settle with them the terms; and let them be persons of approved good character and known substance. All agreements, &c˙, to be put in writing.


7th. All contracts entered into by you jointly, when together, or separately in case one should go to Newbury, the General will ratify and confirm.

8th. As soon as either of the vessels are in such forwardness as to be ready to sail in a few days, you are to send notice to Head-Quarters, that the officers and men may march down.

I am, Gentlemen, your most obedient servant,