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Captain Bowen' s Journal


PLYMOUTH, October 15, 1775 — Went to Kingston, to see Captain Adams, who promised to have his vessel down to Plymouth at five o' clock.

16. — Waited on William Watson, Esq˙, one of the Committee, with the letter, who engages to supply the provisions, and take charge of any prizes that may be sent in here. Waited on the Committee with the letter from Head-Quarters, who engaged to give their assistance. Examined


the guns here, and find four of about three or three and a quarter inches caliber, seven swivels, and one wall piece. Captain Adams tells me that the hire of his vessel is to be the same as those at Salem, &c.

17. — Wrote to his Excellency General Washington, concerning the guns, vessel, &c.

18. — Waiting for the General' s answer. Attended the schooner most of the day. Received the General' s answer, with Mr˙ Watson' s instructions, which I delivered him.

19. — Viewed and examined, with Captain Martindale, Captain Wormwel' s schooner; which find to be suitable for the service, and wrote to Head-Quarters thereon.

20. — Got the rammers and sponges, &c˙, for the guns. Went to Marshfield, about ten miles, to look for a vessel, but found none suitable.

21. — Procured the water casks, and got them filled. Rained all day.

22. — Waiting for the return of the express from Head-Quarters, who arrived just before night.

23, Monday. — Put all the provisions and stores aboard the Schooner Putnam. Set the carpenters at the work on the brig; also the riggers.

24. — Waiting for Captain Coit till four o' clock, P˙ M˙, who not being arrived, and the guns likely to be waited for for the brig, set out for Bristol; got thirteen miles this evening.

25. — Set out, and reached Bristol by five o' clock. Waited on the Committee, who told me the guns belonged to Captain Potter, and that he might dispose of them at his pleasure.

26. — Waited on Captain Potter; found ten four-pounders and ten swivels, which he refused to lend or let, and asked one thousand dollars for the guns, exclusive of the swivels; which price I thought too extravagant, so went to Head-Quarters, two miles this side of Newport, where I found several cannon suitable, but was told by General Hopkins that I could not have them without an order from the Lieutenant-Governour; on which I returned to Bristol, and so to Providence, after making Captain Potter an offer for his guns, which he declined. Arrived at Providence between nine and ten in the evening.

27. — The Lieutenant-Governour out of Town, at the Assembly; expected home to dine, but did not come till four o' clock, A˙ M. Waited on him, and told him my business. He said he would acquaint the Committee that evening, who he ordered to meet, and would give me an answer in the morning.

28. — Waited on the Lieutenant-Governour, and got an order for ten carriage-guns; he said all the swivels would be wanted for the galleys, so could not spare any of them. Left Providence at two o' clock; detained


by the rain till that time. Arrived in Bristol at half past five. Rained all day. Waited on Captain Potter again, to buy his swivels; which he would not sell without the carriage-guns. Nine o' clock, A˙ M˙, received a line from Captain Potter, offering me ten four-pounders, with the carriages, two hundred shot, sponges, ladles, rammers, cartridge-boxes, &c˙, and ten swivels, for eight hundred dollars.

29. — Got my horse, and going to Newport, called on Captain Potter, and made him one more offer of two hundred and twenty Pounds for his guns, &c˙; which he accepted, after some time. N˙ B. I should not have took Potter' s guns, if I could have got swivels in this Colony. Ten o' clock, getting the guns, &c˙, on board the boat, to carry to Taunton. Five o' clock, A˙ M˙, got all the guns, &c˙ aboard, and took the boatman' s receipt, who is to set off at nine o' clock this evening. Set out for Taunton.

30. — Arrived at Taunton before noon. Boat not arrived with the guns, wind being ahead; head wind all day.

31. — Sent a pilot down the river to bring up the boat, who found a pilot on board when he got to Swanzey. The vessel arrived with the guns about two o' clock, P˙ M. Procured teams; saw them loaded, and set off for Plymouth.

November 1. — Arrived at Plymouth about ten o' clock, and the cannon about two. Found Coit' s vessel aground.

2. — Set the carpenters to repair the carriages, &c. Captain Coit' s vessel got off, but detained by the weather. Sent formers for Martindale' s cartridges.

3, 4. — Procuring water hogsheads for Martindale, and getting them filled. Coit got aground again.

5. — Captain Coit' s vessel sailed last evening; not to be seen this morning.

6. — Captain Coit returns with two prizes, viz: a sloop and schooner; got a mast. Martindale' s brigantine graved this day.

7. — Ballasted the Washington. Rained all day.

8, 9. — Rain. Nothing to be done.

11, 12. — Carpenters at work on the platform. The crew arrived.

13, Sunday. — Nothing done; could get no carpenters to work. Coit sailed this day for the Cape Cod; where, we are informed, is a ship at anchor.

14. — Got the guns on board, &c.

15. — Rained all day.

16. — Struck the water.

17. — Provisions all on board, and brig ready to sail.

18. — Set out for Cambridge.