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For New-Hampshire



At a Meeting of the Deputies appointed by the several Towns in this Province, held at Exeter, in the County of Rockingham, 21st July, 1774, for the election of Delegates, on behalf of this Province, to join the General Congress proposed: Present eighty-five members.

The Hon˙ John Wentworth, Esq˙, in the Chair.

Voted, That Major John Sullivan, and Colonel Nathaniel Folsom, Esquires, be appointed and empowered, as Delegates on the part of this Province, to attend and assist in the General Congress of Delegates from the other Colonies, at such time and place as may be appointed, to devise, consult, and adopt measures, as may have the most likely tendency to extricate the Colonies from their present difficulties; to secure and perpetuate their rights, liberties, and privileges, and to restore that peace, harmony,


and mutual confidence which once happily subsisted between the parent country, and her Colonies.

Attested: J˙ WENTWORTH, Chairman.