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Baltimore Committee


Committee Chamber, Baltimore, April 5, 1775.

Information being made to the Committee that a few individuals, inhabitants of this Town, have of late worn pistols or private arms, alleging, in justification of then conduct, "that a motion had been made in the Committee, to sacrifice some of the persons in this Town who differed from them, or were averse to the publick measures now carrying on in this Province, and that they wore arms against any such attempts:"

The Committee, to remove any prejudice that may be taken by the publick against them, and to prevent the ill effects of such false and injurious reports, if circulated without contradiction, do solemnly declare that no such motion was ever made, or any entry relative to the same minuted in their proceedings. A few members af the Committee were of opinion that the names of such persons, who, upon application, had refused to contribute for the purchase of arms and ammunition, should be published; but even this measure was overruled in the Committee; as, improper at that time.

Our meetings have been held in publick, nor has any person who thought fit to attend ever been excluded; our records are free and open for inspection. From the publick we received our authority, not by personal solicitation, but a free and voluntary choice; to that tribunal we submit our actions.

Although we have uniformly persevered, and are determined to persevere in carrying into execution the Association and measures of the Congress, yet, in no instance have we exceeded the line pointed out by that Assembly and our Provincial Assembly; and abhorring every idea of proscription, the Committee call upon the persons who have circulated the aforesaid report to disclose the author.

A true extract from the Minutes:

R˙ ALEXANDER, Secretary.